Pavilion 2015 …

Pavilion 2015…     Under new ownership of PJ McAteer the Pavilion would go through some modifications. New logo design, and lighting and sound alterations. Programming would fall to longtime Pines person and former Pavilion manager Jason McCarthy.         Events like Mid Tea evolved into FUN TEA now named after DJ Vito Fun.          […]

The Pavilion 2012-2014

The Pavilion 2012-2014     Artist renderings began immediately to keep the community informed and excited. Architectural firm  HWKN Hollwich Kushner created by Marc Kushner and Matthias Hollwich were hired by the FI Pines Ventures to design and build a new Pavilion.     Spearheaded by Matthias working with the community came first.         […]

The Pavilion 2005- 2012

  The Pavilion 2005- 2012   In 2004 longtime owner John Whyte sells the Pines properties to Eric Von Kuersteiner. Von Kuersteiner begins sweeping changes with a plan to revive the Pines and bring a new generation.     The plan involved many changes to existing structures like the Botel and the Pavilion.     […]