Where Ocean Meets Sky vintage aerial photo exhibit.

“Where Ocean meets Sky “

Vintage Aerial photo exhibit.


In 2018 we created an exhibit of vintage 1970’s aerial photo’s. Unlike the aerial photo’s taken today using a drone, these photo’s were taken from a seaplane hired by longtime Pines resident Claudio and his then partner Jerry Gloor. Jerry owned many homes in the Pines as well as building some.

Some of the noteworthy homes they owned were the Twin Arches houses on Nautilus and Ocean. We have them documented in our archives on this website.


Claudio donated all the aerial photo’s and many more to our archive. The photo’s show the changing landscape of the then growing Pines community. We also added some others from the past. This exhibit was done early season in June and repeated in September as part of our Studio 54 event.

Full exhibit here:

September exhibit:


Thank you Claudio , and all for your support!

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