The Twin Arch houses. Est. 1974 and 1976.

The Twin Arch houses. Est. 1974 and 1976.

 432 Ocean Walk & 397 Nautilus Walk.


In the mid 70’s Jerry Gloor and his partner Claudio began the building of two homes that were identical. The properties were not close to one another, but both shared an ocean view. Jerry owned much property in the Pines and would hire a plane to fly over to document the growing Pines community and his multiple properties.


The first home was built on the eastern end of the Pines at 432 Ocean Walk between Fisherman & Sail Walk. The design by Jerry was fairly simple with an open plan of living and kitchen and one side and private bedrooms on the other. Shaped in a L surrounding the pool. The Pines was getting known at that time for their many homes with pools.





Builder Bill Katen was hired for the construction. 



                 Framing begins and the design begins to take shape. The arches become the integral part on the design…



The home had a grand feel which was the trend of architecture that was happening in the Pines during the 70’s. The arches come to life…






The pool was part of the design concept.




Jerry Gloor                                                                                                                                   Claudio 








1976 and the twin is built at Nautilus walk and Ocean…

397 Nautilus Walk.





With an identical floor plan it is an easy build.







1984 then this…


The house’s had several names including: Vodka Party House, Taco bell, Falling Arches, and more.




Jerry Gloor passed away in 1986. The houses lived on until after a storm damaged 437 Ocean Walk in 1995, and rather than repair it was demolished.



In the new millennium a couple who had rented the home behind it for years decided to purchase.  Kenneth & Louis get ready  for the GMHC Morning Party with their future home in the back round, and today.


In 2015 their story was told to FI Tide newspaper.


In 2004 they hired architect Scott Bromley to redesign the home. It was not until almost ten years later that it happened.


And when it did it was reinvented for a different era …








Every house has a story, and this one continues…

In 2018 this house began another journey. With the upcoming dune project many homes in the Pines and other communities had to be moved back. This home is one of them.












And just like that, there is no place like home.

Wall photo by Joe Hepworth.





In 2020 the home was sold as it begins it’s next chapter…


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