The Tommy Tune house Est. 1968- Reno 1984.


The Tommy Tune house Est. 1968- Reno 1984.

 120 Ocean Walk.




Sitting high on a dune on the ocean is the house where Tommy lived. Broadway star Tommy Tune that is.  The Pines has always had a celebrity filled history, and Tommy was one of our brightest stars. Arriving for the first time in 1974 on the invite of Broadway agent Joe Kipness he fell in love immediately, and thought he found paradise. He soon purchased this home, and renovated it to his liking including making the bathroom sink more comfortable with his height. He was very involved in the community including Cherry Grove.











At first glance the house reminded him of the Emerald city done in cedar. Later when walking by the house would sing to him. He knew immediately upon entering the threshold of the house that he had to become the new owner.


He would often come out in the winter months and bundle up as the house was not heated. During the early 80’s as he was preparing for the Broadway show “My One and Only” he and co-star Twiggy would rehearse on the outside decks.





Designed in 1969 by noted architect Earl Combs who designed many homes in the Pines it had a castle like appearance.








You knew when Tommy was home by the flag he flew above the house.




Photo by William Karam.



He was approachable and friendly to all in the community even as his celebrity got bigger.


He sold the home in the 90’s, and has returned infrequently.  Interior photo’s courtesy of Bob Howard Realty. After Super Storm Sandy in 2012 the house fell into disrepair.










Today the home sits in disrepair waiting to be remembered…




He returned to Cherry Grove in 2013 for a tribute to Carol Channing.




He still performs all over the world, but maintains a private quiet life…

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