The Ultimate Oz Party 1995

The Ultimate Oz Party 1995





This event was held at a private home as a benefit for Gods Love We Deliver. Hosted by Pines resident Raymond Vino and Craig Gould at their home. The set deign was by Mitchell Greenberg and the DJ was Billy Carroll. This was a huge event with over 500 in attendance.

Raymond Vino & Craig Gould.






 Various Oz characters were played by :

 Dorothy- Richie Faella 




  the tin man was Alonso Salguero, and David Scott as the Scarecrow. The Lollipop kids were: David Forrest , Barry Leighton, and Ira Childkraut. The    Imperial Court of NYC were the ladies of OZ.









The party raised $45,000. Media mogul David Geffen contributed $5,000. Actress Candis Cayne was a surprise guest performer.




















                                Guest entertainment was Sabrina Johnston.




Color photo’s donated to the archives by Tony Setteducate. Video by Mike Russo.

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