The Superman House Est. 1987

The Superman House Est. 1987

393 Ocean Walk.










Owner Bob Reiner and Daniel Belizzi designed what was called originally the unique gull wing house. Built by Bill Katen featuring massive sliders that open and disappear completely, incorporating the over sized deck, pool hot tub and the Atlantic Ocean into the indoor living areas. As the next owner took over in 1989, the house became even more prominent. Fred Hochberg and his partner at the time Harry Bader would add on a unique pool addition.


Photo (below) by Tom Bianchi.

The pool had a rectangular window that gave all on the beach an aqua show of underwater play.


Fred Hochberg was a businessman and civic leader who for two decades worked as an executive at the Lillian Vernon Corporation. The company was founded by his mother Lillian. As president and chief operating officer he led the transformation of a small, family-owned mail order company into an international, publicly traded direct marketing corporation. The company listed on the American Stock Exchange in 1987  and Forbes described the company’s growth as “one of the great success stories of American entrepreneurship. Hochberg helped oversee a nearly 40-fold increase in annual revenue, from $5 million in 1975 to nearly $200 million in 1993.
                                                                 1992 “Stop feeding the fish” party.

In 1994 the home was featured in Elle Decor Magazine with design by friend Bruce Bierman.

In 1996 the home was featured on CNN’s Style with Elsa Klensch with Designer Bruce Bierman.

The house went onto to being sold to several owners with renovations by architect Nick Politis in 2012.
     (Photo by Tom Bianchi)
With a new owner 2011, Superman appeared in 2012. Here is why…
New Owner:
“I have always been a fan of Superman. I am a Andy Warhol Art collector including a Warhol of superman. Due to the salt air from living at the beach I could not bring any of my serious art collection to my beach house. As I began looking for art I was drawn toward the colors red, yellow and blue which of course are the superman colors. I have superman statues on the terrace of my New York City penthouse as well as my other homes. it made sense to bring another superman out to my beach house. I then had an artist who I commissioned to do a large superman piece for the living room and I acquired colorful art in the red yellow blue combinations for inside the beach house.”

Superman & me Gallery:















                      2020 and he’s back!







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