The Pink Umbrella Project: An AIDS Remembrance 1995

The Pink Umbrella Project: An AIDS Remembrance 1995.

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As AIDS raged on the Pines remembered. Harry Bader a Pines resident and a NY based event designer was inspired by artist Christo. Above the poster containing the name of many the community lost.


 On left art by Christo

 Bader presented the idea of an art installation using umbrellas on  the beach to DIFFA- Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS.  They liked the idea and Absolut Vodka was quickly secured as an underwriter.


The canvas umbrellas were donated by a company that wanted anonymity. From the western edge of the community to the former Talisman 250 six foot wide, bright pink umbrellas lined the beach at the dune line.



Pink the color associated with gayness ( as Bader put it) , festive times, and the idea of the umbrella elegant yet awkward – firmly planted in the sand and scarcely moving in the strong late August breeze. Ten teams of volunteers were on hand to plant and remove the umbrellas each day.

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Along the oceanfront thirteen homes were opened to serve  brunch to those who contributed. Over three hundred people a  attended at the different houses, where they could gaze upon    the line of umbrellas. Over $50,000 in direct patron and  sponsorship contributions were collected by DIFFA.













Plans were made to bring the installation to Miami in 1996.

The home of Michael Haymes & Logan Green was opened for a sunset cocktail party. The house was given a pink makeover. Bill Foxcroft was the man in charge of everything from food to decor. Pink lemonade with Absolut vodka was the drink. 500 people attended the cocktail party.

Below Michael Haymes and Carol Congemi.




After the sunset the Pink Umbrellas Dance Finale took place at John Whyte’s Pavilion from midnight to dawn. The theme in the Pavilion was Pink aquarium with inflatable sea creatures.

Pink Umbrellas on the bay side.

sc0009webscweb                                  Tony Setteducate arrives.


Lto R. Michael Schaible, Sany Krac, Scottt Bromley, Judith Perez.  Below Alan Mazur.


1995 Patti Davis and Blake Byrne host luncheon

President Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis has lunch at California’s Blake Byrne rental home to view the festivities.

Artist Ferron Bell captures Pink Umbrellas…

2013. Below Harry Bader returns to the Pines.

Harry Bader and me

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