The Pines Flag. 1990-1992.

The Pines Flag. Est. 1990-1992



Before the creation of the official Pines flag there was this one. No details are known on who designed it or when, but throughout the late 70’s and into the 1980’s it could be seen at homes and boats.

Original Pines Flag 1970s
Original Pines Flag 1970s


In 1990 a contest was begun to find a design for what would become the official FIPPOA flag of the Pines community. The idea of a flag came from Pines resident Kit Woolcott. The longtime companion of Joe Bailey Cole he loved the flag poles he had seen out in the Hamptons. The harbor had not seen a flag pole since 1985, and the original was put up in the 1960’s by the LaFountaine family. A committee was put together to judge the contest. The participants included: Scott Bromley, Jack Lichtenstein, Annette Katzin, Barbara Sahlman, Michael Schaible, and Ray Beatty.



Ending up with 78 entries. Each one brought a different aspect of the Pines to life, but only one could win.



They got it down to four finalist.




The winner was artist Ted Dawson named at the end of the season.


He described his work: The four stripes are emblematic of the things we love most: the night sky, the sun, the pines trees, and the ocean.

It took another year to get the permits to have a flagpole erected in the Pines harbor as part of a broader harbor face lift that included plantings. In April of 1992 a ceremony took place to dedicate the flag pole with FIPPOA President Alan Brockman.  Kit Woolcott had passed away never getting to see the final developments of his vision. Joe Bailey Cole flew in from London for the event dedicating it to Kit. Codedication went to Clarence (Clern LaFountaine by his wife. Josephine LaFountaine expressed her own sentiments about Clern, “Clern believed in the Pines and was dedicated to the people who live here.”  LaFountaine became an institution in the Pines through his home Maintenance business. The plan included the flag image used on t shirts and other merchandise.


On national Falg day the flag was hoisted by Harbor master Emile Riendeau, and trumpet fanfare was provided by Marc Miller of Sayville High School marching band. Below Joe Bailey Cole and Josephine LaFountaine.








The flag is proudly flown in homes and our harbor today.





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