The Pines 40th Anniversary

The Pines 40th Anniversary 1993.

In 1993 the Pines community celebrated their 40th Anniversary with an elaborate party. A host committee was formed to plan it. Much research and effort went into the event including flags, posters, a journal, memorabilia, and of course the party celebrating it all.

The community came out in force to support this day to remember how the Pines community came about. This was before our Historical Society was formed. Up until that time Pines resident the late Tony LaRocco was the archivist. Many residents donated posters and memorabilia which was then stored in the then Community House.

A special guest invited was then Mayor David Dinkins, who was invited earlier that day to the home of Bill Hayden and Ron Perkov. Seen below with artist Ferron Bell. Below: Eddie Schwartz, Alan Brockman and David Dinkins.

The party and the press… LtoR below: Rita, Jack Lichenstein,Morty Newburgh, Barbara Gilston, Arlene Kochman, Tony LaRocco, Lee &Dick Frey, Dr Herbert & Annette Katzin, Blue Flettrich.

Below LtoR: Lauren,Kenny & Jean Lesser,Kay& Charlie Corso, Cappy Hanlan & Dorothy Levy, Dr. Nick Gioscia, Fred Weil, Sylvan Cole, Ron Martin.

LtoR below: Keith Allen, Cheri Lyons,Carole Weissman, Richard, Lore Ross.

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