“The Normal Heart” HBO films in the Pines- 2013


“The Normal Heart”

HBO films in the Pines- 2013



2013. On a summer’s day HBO arrives to film playwright Larry Kramer’s award winning play “The Normal Heart”.











Actress and star Julia Roberts on set. She had no scenes here, but accompanied husband Danny Moder (camera man)  with their kids. Stayed at a home on the bay.





Actor Matt Bomer takes the Ferry to work with tunes…

Actors from the Ryan Murphy created TV series “Glee” Lea Michele and Cory Monteith visit the set.

Old phone booths and red wagons were brought in to recreate the 1980’s era.





Actor Dennis O’Hare


Director Ryan Murphy directs the opening scene of Normal Heart…







We make Page Six NY Post.

Beach scenes.








Filming at 144 Ocean the Adir home.



Actor Mark Ruffalo recreates the scene of handing out flyers in the harbor which Larry Kramer did in real life….



Extras arrive for a party with an all white theme on the beach.



The party is a recreation of the legendary party called “Beach” in 1979.









Scenes from the film.






Larry Kramer on set…      





The press.









The Premiere, and we are there with…
















The Awards!









Actor Mark Ruffalo accepts his Screen Actors Guild Award from bed in London.


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