The GMHC Morning Party 1995-1997.

The GMHC Morning Party 1995-1997.

Created in 1983 as a community answer to the growing AIDS crisis it grew throughout the 1990’s.

The party grew and grew as it became part of the circuit…











DJ Susan Morabito, no stranger to the Pines led the party .




























Circuit parties were huge parties held all over the world where men would travel to as part of a tribe to celebrate the music in imaginative ways…












                                                              DJ Warren Gluck was selected to lead the party.


Hear the music by DJ Warren Gluck here: 

and here: 

































Flagging was part of the culture of circuit parties.











Housemates dressing in a theme was also part of the experience.





The budgets got bigger, and so did the party. We were blasting off into space!











The costumes were theme worthy!











Flagging took a central role…




DJ Billy Carroll led the party.



Artist John Laub is captured on film, as he captures the party on canvas.


The party had changed in it’s evolution, and that would all come to a conclusion in the next year at Sweet 16…


1998 GMHC Sweet 16 Morning Party
1998 GMHC Sweet 16 Morning Party

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