The Earl Combs designed/ Steve Ostrow/ Paul Bernstein home 1970’s.

The Earl Combs designed/

Steve Ostrow/ Paul Bernstein home.

149 Ocean Walk.

 149 0cean Paul Bernsteins house lost in fire 1986 150,149 1nd 148 lost

Designed by architect Earl Combs for  Steve Ostrow it truly presented itself as the castle on the ocean. Steve Ostrow was a bisexual man who was the owner of the Continental baths.


The Continental Baths hold a historic place in gay history for many reasons. Opened in 1968 it began what was known as the sexual revolution in gay culture. It was here that one could go for anonymous sex  on a regular basis in a clean upscale enviroment. Not only that, but there was entertainment of a high caliber that was offered on the weekend. Before they were big, singers such as Patti Labelle,  Barry Manilow, and Bette Midler got there start here:

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The home located at Cedar and Ocean walk was oceanfront and a neighbor to Sandpiper owner Gene Smith.


castles 1971



webcopywebHouse and Garden Sept 1972 pg 2


1972. The idea of staining the wood exterior of the home with a stain of “Mercury gray” was to give it a nestled in the dune beach feel. Floors of ceramic tile, white with a true blue and charcoal plaid designed by architect Earl Burns Combs. He wanted to get the best of the ocean view by making the sides of the home almost windowless with small narrow beams of light allowing for the light and the ocean to be the main attraction. Mirrored doors of adjacent rooms reflect what comes through and gives it back to the view.

The home was featured in Playboy magazine in  1970.

Playboy spread on Paul Bernstein OceanwebFIP74_WarnerRoofView Ocean 3_300dpi4x6


Sold to Paul Bernstein it was destroyed in a fire in 1986 along with neighbors 148-150 Ocean Walk.


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