Tea Dance Listening Party- Cherry Grove edition.

Tea Dance Listening Party- Cherry Grove edition.

April 10, 2020.


Today we go back to the roots of the Pines and myself, Cherry Grove. Without Cherry Grove there would be no Fire Island Pines, and that is just a fact. Established years before as a community filled with the Arts and Theater. As the Pines was developed the larger building lots and privacy created a migration, and from there it grew to become a predominantly gay community it is today.

As Disco grew in the 1970’s both the Pines and Cherry Grove decided to join in. In Cherry Grove from the former Tiffany’s came the Ice Palace created by manager Michael Fesco a club promoter from New York city.


By using inexpensive reflective mylar to line the walls it gave the space a bigger appearance where the lights would create a show. DJ Roy Thode became the house DJ and star of this show.

So today we visit a Tea Dance at the Ice Palace in 1977 to listen to the music of DJ Roy Thode with a special performance by singer Grace Jones.





Singer Grace Jones had just released her album Portfolio with covers of songs like Broadway’s “Tomorrow”, “Send in the Clowns”,”What I did for love, as well as classics That’s the trouble, I need a man, and La Vie en rose… She is the entertainment for the day.











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