Studio 54 The Documentary & Where Ocean meets Sky exhibit.

Studio 54 The Documentary &

Ocean meets Sky exhibit.

September 8, 2018



 On Saturday September 8th, 2018 FIPHPS held their 3rd annual end of season event with the advance screening of the new film by Matt Tyrnauer “Studio 54 The Documentary.” Also included was the exhibit of 1970 aerials “Where Ocean meets Sky.”  

Since board member Scott Bromley designed Studio 54, and the era and music were part of FIP history this was a good fit.               DJ Robbie Leslie below R.




“Where Ocean meets Sky” An exhibit of 1970 aerial images that was done earlier

in the season was given an encore presentation.

Tickets were sold online and in the harbor as the anticipation began growing…

As the day progressed the tickets sold out, and more seats were added. We were ready to let you behind the velvet rope…



You kept coming, and coming. It was time for standing room only.









The original artist of the infamous Moon & Spoon Richie Williamson was a guest.




“Where Ocean meets Sky “Exhibit. Original showing and encore.









It was time for the show.





President of FIPHPS  Bobby Bonanno shows the organizations work.



Board member and Studio 54 designer Scott Bromley presents.


Thank you!






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