Souvenirs / Paradisco Benefit @ Le Bain at the Standard Hotel 2016

souvenirs cover

      Sunday April 17th 2016.

Souvenirs NYC 2016

A collaboration with our annual FIP event “Souvenirs 3 Decades of Classic Tea Dance” and “Paradisco” a Disco party held at Le Bain at The Standard Hotel on the Highline in NYC with Occupy the Disco. Occupy the Disco a group of 3 DJs host the event. This year we partnered them with iconic DJ Warren Gluck.           

 Photo’s by Kyle Supley.

It began with a day filled with Spring! So we shouted it from the rooftops!


 With DJ Warren Gluck, it began…

Warren solowebKrishna dancingweb


Thank you to our patrons who support this project. Love our Krishna from GMHC!


KrishnawebKrishna tooweb


The concept of creating a collaboration of Occupy the Disco and a seasoned DJ came about almost a year and half ago in a conversation with Tad Magalhaes, one of the boys on who would be their ideal. We came up with legendary DJ Robbie Leslie last year, and it was a successful mash-up combining generations of both audiences. Last season we again had the conversation and chose DJ Warren Gluck. 

Warren and Occupy the Discoweb

Le Bain at the Standard Highline is a beautiful space that gives you all of the New York skyline as a backdrop.


bar view webbartenders web


It was time to mash it up as Occupy the Disco began..

Tad Occupyweb


me, warren, occupy the discowebweb


Thank you to our team of Volunteers Tom, Joe, Donna, Jackie, Matt, and Travis!

Donna, Jackie and TraviswebJoe and meweb



Joyce Cohen, Anthony Linzalone, Alana BergerWarren, Tad and meweb

Warren and Alana Bergerweb

We love when other DJs come to support each other! DJs Morabito and John Ceglia.

WarrenGluck, Susan Morabito, John Ceglia 1web

Warren, Susan, JohnwebWarren, susan, john series 3web

DJ Max Rodriquez.

Max Rodriguezweb


Day turned to night…


Thank you to all who donated!

Me Joyce Cohen and Alana Berger webRichard Tucker, John Ceglia and meweb


donna & dragjoe web


josh nightweb


Carson Kressley from Queer eye for the Straight guy.

Carson web



img_5173_26423231142_owebJay Paganoweb


               FIPPOA President Jay Pagano & husband Mark Fortier, Tom Bianchi and Ben Smales below. 

Jay Pagano, Mark, Ben and Tom Bianchiweb

patty tooJay and John Cegliaweb


Warren and Frankiewebtad and josh nightweb

          Thank you for your support! 

Jeff Sharlach and Harry

Me. susan, and Michael Lottwebimg_5269_26515561445_oweb


guys webguyss web

Thank again for your donations! We raised $2,025.00

disco ball web

    Photography by Kyle Supley.


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