Souvenirs / Paradisco Benefit @ Le Bain at the Standard Hotel 2015

souvenirs cover  Sunday April 19th 2015

souvenirs 2015A collaboration with our annual FIP event “Souvenirs 3 Decades of Classic Tea Dance” and “Paradisco” a Disco party held at Le Bain at The Standard Hotel on the Highline in NYC.            Photo’s by Koitz and Robert Zash.

After attending one of the Parties last year we met the three young DJs Tad Haes, Ru Bhatt, and Josh Appelbaum who came up with the idea of serving Classic Disco and House music to a new generation. The space itself was a beautiful rooftop nightclub with panoramic views of Manhattan giving it an outdoor feel. STANDARD ROOFTOP  After seeing the boys out on FIP during  last summer we learned  that legendary DJ Robbie  Leslie was a mentor. Looking for a new Spin on our  event we came up with the idea of creating a  collaboration. Over the winter we approached them with  the idea and were met with great enthusiasm. We  decided to do this pre-season as major changes were  going on with the purchase of the properties and most of  Pines clientele come from NYC. Also the reach of a  younger generation was, and is our target market. By  bringing in DJ Robbie Leslie we were bringing his whole  mature audience to the event creating an incredible mix of generations. Well it all came together just as we envisioned it, and beyond.


As this was our first benefit we made it voluntary with a setup at the door for donations. Through social media both Occupy the Disco and ourselves we were able to reach our audience to let them know.


The day was beautiful lending to the magnificent view of Manhattan we had for our backdrop. The  crowd slowly poured in, and the magic took over…

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Like a fine recipe for a classic dessert the mix of DJ Robbie Leslie and Occupy the Disco worked on every level spanning generations as all came together.


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FIPHPS-Le Bain 032 FIPHPS-Le Bain 038

FIPHPS-Le Bain 015                   Occupy the Disco’s Josh Appelbaum serves.

FIPHPS-Le Bain 016


Collaboration was key to the success of the event…

FIPHPS-Le Bain 018unnamed (1)  (left )GMHC’s Krishna Stone with DJ Robbie Leslie.

FIPHPS-Le Bain 019

FIPHPS-Le Bain 033

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FIPHPS-Le Bain 019

FIPHPS-Le Bain 013FIPHPS-Le Bain 024

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FIPHPS-Le Bain 027

FIPHPS-Le Bain 038FIPHPS-Le Bain 012

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FIPHPS-Le Bain 044FIPHPS-Le Bain 031

And then the fellow DJs and friends came to support….

FIPHPS-Le Bain 041

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. We have worked for fours years for this moment. So it is with humble gratitude that we say thank you for your donations, and for trusting us with your history. A history that we are working on to share with the world so that everyone coming to Fire Island Pines will know what has come before, and what has allowed this place to evolve and become what is was, is and will be for future generations…


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