Souvenirs 2018- The Master Class.

Souvenirs 2018- The Master Class


Celebrating our 6th year with Souvenirs the Master Class was based on the idea of sharing knowledge. Whether you have been doing what you do for a long time or short their is experience to be shared if you are open. To my delight that is exactly what happened. Pairing our iconic DJ Robbie Leslie with some of Fire Island’s best DJs gave us all the Master Class in the Fire Island Soundtrack to history.

First up was the 90’s with DJ Robbie Leslie and DJ Vito Fun…


Vito DJs ,and created what is called Fun Tea. See his history here. 




Next up with the 1970’s was DJs Robbie Leslie & Michael Borowski.


This is always our biggest Tea, and a benefit for FIPHPS.








We love the support and collaboration of all FIP DJs!

The music creates a cross generational event….






Bringing family and FI family together.



Thank you to all who donate and support us!


The dynamic duo…




Last was the 80’s with DJs Robbie Leslie and Steve Sidewalk.






All came out to support. 



 Thank you all our DJs who take the ride on this musical journey with us! 

                                           Photo’s by Koitz. 



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