Shopping & Dining in the Pines through the years…



   Shopping & Dining in the Pines through the years…



   After the development of Peggy Fears Yacht Club and Botel, and the Ship n Shore market in the 50’s, both of which were hurried along by the Home Guardian Company of N.Y. it was time to build a downtown retail environment. The Home Guardian Company of N.Y. was the developer of the new Pines community and was eager to begin sales.





1950’s. Peggy Fears Yacht Club and Botel.

Peggy Fears yacht club in 1957.

Peggy Fears yacht club 1955.

Ship N Shore market. Now the Pantry.










   The community was drawing from all over. From Sayville locals to the NY Broadway social set as Broadway Showgirl girl Peggy Fears was inviting all of her friends to invest. One of the first establishments was the Picketty Ruff Café. Owned by partners Arden Catlin and Cappy Hanlan in a building Arden owned. It stood where the now Pavilion stands.

1965 Picketty Ruff Cafe

1960’s. Fleur de Levy was a small store owned by Realtor Dorothy Levy’s daughter Laura.



     Bottled gas and Plumbing was the job of family owned LaFountaine and Rosswaag.                            






1965.Designed for living owned by Mae Ginsberg. The Shop.







Three B’s Boutique owned by Bob Bent.



Cappy Hanlan and her partner Myra had several stores throughout the years…






              From making clothing to pet supplies these women did everything. With that came some controversy…






1969. The Botel Botique…




One of the more memorable stores was owner Mel Fante’s “Melbamar.”


1970’s-80’s. Daryl Askey’s Seaflower…













Pines Floral Company 1994-2004. Owners Valerie & Peter Riley. 



The Cultured Elephant 1970’s-1990’s.




crow’s nest 1970’s.



Hardware 1979-1981.




NY Man 1982-1991. Owner Bobby D’Antonio.




1982-83. People still talk about the need for this in the Pines We all need to eat…Beijing and Joss.


Los Pinos.









1979-80’s.  Sea Gull Liquor and Spirits of the Pines.





1980’s-90’s. Pines Hardware. Owners Walter & Joyce Reich.





All American Boy. 1990’s.




1996. The Loft

1997. Gaymart                                                               2001. Overtures. Owners Michael & Jerry.






1990’s. Raymond Dragon.

2001. Scriven.



2009- 2015. Gostoso. Owners Jean Manuel Pourquet and Peter Brundige.


















Gostoso was the only store to bring back the fashion show to the Pines…


Jalston 2011-12. Owner Peter Brundige.



Summer Solstice took over the Overtures Space, and now they are gone. It is a challenge to make a living on Fire Island in a short span of time so please support… 






And so we move on…

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