Senator Ted Kennedy visits the Pines 1981.

Senator Ted Kennedy visits the Pines 1981.


  Senator Ted Kennedy arrives in the Pines for a political fundraiser. Originally scheduled to arrive by seaplane from Massachusetts, but due to poor weather conditions he arrived by private Lear jet to MacArthur airport where Suffolk police transported him via helicopter to the Pines. There he visited the home of Mark Rose at Fisherman and Ocean walk.


He gave a short speech, and answered questions from nearly two hundred assembled guests on subjects including nuclear arms, gay rights, and air traffic controllers.


Excerpts from his speech:     

   “A little over year ago I thought we might be having this event in the rose garden in the White House and since we couldn’t have it there, we’re having it in the Rose house on Fire Island. We thought about that all the way coming down from my house, and we had a long time to think about it!  I’m grateful for your patience. There’s been a great deal of talk about the new economics, and I’m a subscriber to it; I happen to be the demand side and you’re the supply side.

First of all, I think one of the real challenges for us today is to be continuously committed to fundamental values; of fairness, equity, elimination of bigotry, the elimination of discrimination, whether it be on race or religion or sexual preference. I think we have a continuing responsibility…in the Democratic party to be committed to those factors… Secondly, we do have the responsibility as well  to provide constructive alternatives both in areas of domestic policy and foreign policy. Thirdly, I think we have to be alert to this insidious movement which has taken place in this country and that is the new right, the moral majority… They targeted me as their number one target…and this happens to be one target of the moral majority that is prepared to fight back.”


 2017. Thirty six years later Ann Quatrale who was there at this event  granddaughter Kelly saw the photo and the dress she wore and recreates history…


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