Reflections Est. 1980.


Reflections Est. 1980

73 Bay Walk.



     Built in 1980 and designed by Architect Gary Stluka the house exterior was originally California redwood. The house was owned by Gloria and Larry DeMann. After completion Gloria decided to paint the whole house white. 



Known for their lavish parties held at the home including “Carnival Rio” and “Hooray for Hollywood”.









The famous camels that watch guard over the bay were from Gloria’s restaurant in New York called Café Pacifico. The camels are copies of marble camels the Shah of Iran had on his terrace. Also included were the inside palm trees. 

Café Pacifico

Gloria DeMann's Cafe Pacifico



The house is still the epitome of the 80’s. When you step in it is like a episode of TV’s Dynasty. 




As the 80’s ended so did Gloria and Larry’s good fortune. The house went to auction where Clern LaFountaine bought it, and then flipped it to George Hoffman.  He then re-engaged original architect Gary Stluka to add on an eastern addition. Architect Gary Stluka and wife Christine Corso- Stluka (below).


The addition was seamless and feels as if it was always there. Purchased by longtime Pines resident Gil Neary for $1.125 million the party tradition continues…







Gil opens the season with his annual Birthday blast. The home also hosts “Independence.”






As for the camels, they have had a coat of many colors over the years, but they still remain guard over the home and the cherished memories it holds…


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