Pines People- Walter Reich

Pines People- Walter Reich




The Reich family have deep roots on Fire Island, especially in the Pines. Both of his brothers Rohland and August were directors of FIPPOA. Also sister-in law Carole was secretary, and Joyce Reich was deeply involved in the community. Rohland Reich was a builder. A profession that Walter would follow into.

As a child young Walter Reich would do yard work for co founder of the Papermill Playhouse Frank Carrington. Who’s donated home to Fire Island National Seashore still sits vacant at the western end of the Pines. His roots began like many in Cherry Grove, but found his home in the Pines. He began a Beach Taxi service with brother Rohland using a model A Ford that was modified to carry people from one community to another.


After a stint in the US Navy he would take over his brothers building business and find his soulmate in Joyce Schick a local Bayshore gal.


Together they would make a home in both Long Island, and Fire Island. It is there they would build a family. A family of three daughters and a Fire Island family in the Pines. Both would get deeply involved in the Pines community in many organizations like the Fire Department, Pines Conservation Society, and more.


From 1974-2000 Walter and Joyce would run their Hardware store serving the community with everything from rakes to video rentals.










They brought their girls up in an atmosphere of acceptance. A tradition that has now been passed onto grandchildren.


In 1982 Walter would get involved in a project called “Seascape” with the Fire Island National Seashore Advisory Board.




They both were committed to community efforts, and enjoyed the fun along the way…




























Early on in this historical project Walter and Joyce were one of the first I reached out to. Walter would join our board as an active member of both FIPHPS and FIP Chamber of Commerce.



This is why this project is valuable and important. #ownyourhistory#

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