Pines People- Tony La Rocco

Pines People- Tony La Rocco




Anthony Samuel LaRocco was born January 18, 1944 in Bridgeport, CT. He graduated from Marist College and taught in the NYC school system. For the past fifteen years Tony taught kids with cancer, one on one, in the Sloane Kettering cancer hospital in Manhattan. 

Tony met his first partner Dr. Nicolai Gioscia in the Pines. Nick had a medical degree from Middlesex College at Brandeis University. He was assistant director at Creedmore State Hospital, Director of Nassau County Community  Health, founder of the mental health clinic in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Psychiatric consultant at Roosevelt Hospital, and was a Army Major during the second World War. 



Nick worked with the American Psychiatric Association to accept the legitimacy of more expansion expression of human sexuality. He offered his services to anyone in need, and underwrote the cost of much of the first medical equipment needed at the Pines Care Center. Together with Tony they supported many organizations in the Pines. Including FIPAP, The Arts Project of Cherry Grove, and Pines Conservation Society. 



Tony was instrumental in the creation of the SAGE benefit in the Pines giving Nick his 90th birthday celebration at the first event in 1991. 




  Tony loved the Pines community and played as well as gave…





Supporting the Arts & Artist was his passion. Like Ferron Bell seen here. He owned many works of Art.








Tony met Bill Moore in Fort Lauderdale in 2000 and they have shared their lives together since that time in Fire Island Pines, Manhattan, Ft. Lauderdale and Bill’s home in Durham, NC. 




Harbor Tree dedication to Tony LaRocco. You will never be forgotten…



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