Pines People- Lance Ferris

Lance Ferris

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After a visit in 1979 a young Lance Ferris arrived on his own in 1980 fresh from Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. Taking a guide book he got his ticket on the Long Island Railroad and made his way out to Sayville. There he boarded a ferry to Cherry Grove. He had been to all the bars in NYC including Ice Palace 57. At 17 he had just left High School and was determined to get a job bartending at the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove, and so he did…



After an introduction to Pines property owner John Whyte Lance moved to the Pines to become a bartender at the Blue Whale. He admired John Whyte’s work ethic, and found himself rewarded for it. John encouraged him to continue his education, and introduced him to model Carlton Fuller. blue whale 197-sJohn Whyte 1975web



He soon found himself in Milan Italy pursuing a modeling career. He always came back to the Pines every summer where he felt at home.


In 1990 Photographer Tom Bianchi approached him about being his model. The gawky young boy who first came to Fire Island was now a model. 

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He now lives in California and has fond memories of his time here. Through social media we connect with our past, and now with this site we can bring people back to their Pines history and give them a glimpse of what it is like now. Creating the future with the past…


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