Pines People- Henry Muller

Pines People- Henry Muller



On a rainy afternoon in September 1960, Henry Muller and his parents, Bert and Kathrine Muller, visited Fred and Lilo Zinger who had just purchased a studio apartment in the brand new Co-ops. The real estate agent, Ted Taussig, “had nothing to do” that day and came for coffee and cake. At the end of the afternoon, the Muller’s had purchased Apartment #3 in the Co-ops… on the ocean! On the car ride home, listening to the radio, they heard about the evacuation of Fire Island due to a hurricane. That’s how it all began.

Henry brought his then-girlfriend and now wife of 54 years, Irene, to the Pines. They bought 430 Ocean, where they reside today, in the fall of 1967 from Josephine LaFountaine. Life couldn’t get any better, until the early 1970s, when a developer purchased a “washed out” lot in front of 430 Ocean and attempted to build a house—a very big house. As luck would have it, that house caught the eye of Superintendent Richard Marks who intervened and had the construction halted. After four long years, that large house was moved across from the Mullers on Fishermans Path. Henry knew then that he loved Fire Island Pines and the Pines loved him.

Over the years, Henry and Irene raised three sons—Andrew, Jeffrey and Stephen—and five grandchildren (all of whom love the Pines).

Over his 61 years in the Pines, Henry was an integral and loved member of the community, serving on the PCS board as treasurer for 50 years, ever since its inception. And for many years, Henry was the accountant for the Co-ops.

Henry often commented that the Pines was a place that you could meet interesting and exceptional people from all walks of life in a relaxed, unassuming atmosphere.

Every October, Henry would start counting down how many full moons until he returned in May.

Henry will be missed by many.

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