Pines People- Gloria & Larry Demann @ Reflections


Pines people- Gloria & Larry Demann @ Reflections

73 Bay Walk



Throughout he 1980’s Gloria & Larry Demann reigned as the host and hostess of the Pines. Their home on the bay “Reflections” was the theater where they would transform it with the help of many designer friends into theatrical events.  They integrated themselves into a growing gay community, and supported many causes. Gloria had a design back round and used it most notably in her restaurant “Café Pacifico.” Located on New York city’s upper west side at Columbus near 78th street it was known for it’s outrageous décor. Some of which found it’s way to the Pines. Most notably the camels that still watch guard today.



All the parties had a theme of course like ” Carnivale Rio“, “Hooray for Hollywood“, “White Wedding” to name a few.



The home lent itself to it all with its 80’s glamour.



From your entry to the Pines by ferry on the left you could see the home standing all white like mirage…





Gloria & Larry Demann supported the community and were involved.





They made close ties with many in the community.













But as the 80’s ended so did Gloria & Larry Demann’s reign. Soon just like the mirage of parties started, they were now gone. For undisclosed reasons the home was sold to Clern LaFountaine, then flipped to Gil Neary the now owner.


Where the tradition of parties continues with Gil’s annual opening season Birthday bash, and the Independence party/benefit.




























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