Pines Party 1999

Pines Party 99.

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pines 99

After the GMHC Morning Party abruptly ended  in controversy in 1998 FIPPOA decided to create their own party to benefit charities of their own choice. The original model for all parties was “Beach” created in 1979 on the beach. In 1991 the GMHC Morning party moved onto the beach using that model and improving on it as years past. So it was natural for FIPPOA to follow suit.

The original concept even gave a nod to the “Beach” party by calling it “Beach 99.”

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Just as in “Beach” the community , including John Whyte came together to support.  Unlike the previous parties their would be a theme to this party called Arabian Nights, and all were invited to dress up. The event producers were Mitchell Greenberg and Billy Carroll, and Host Committee Chair was Richard Winger. The money raised was to benefit the Harbor Millennium project and the Stonewall Community Foundation.

Jason McCarthy and John Whyte 1999 Pines Party

 and so it began… 

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The use of tents and gambling  were added ,  and rather than a day event like the GMHC Morning party, this party would be an all night event from 10pm to sunrise.

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   Singer Kristine W was the entertainment, and the DJs were Warren Gluck and Monty Q.

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Everyone got in the spirit…

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Pines '99_0017Pines '99_0014


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Kristine W ,JW, Jason Mcarthy

And as the sun rose another chapter in Pines history had begun.

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The reviews were raves:

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 A new tradition was born that continues today…

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