The Pines Invasion of Cherry Grove. Est. 1987.

The Pines Invasion of the Grove. Est. 1987.

1991 Pines Invades Grove WEB

cherry inv














The Pines Invasion of the Grove was a benefit created in 1987 for FAIRPAC -friends and advocates of individual rights political action committee. Organized in 1985 specifically to ensure the election of a New York city council that would pass the gay rights bill. The goal being to let politicians know there is a reward for supporting gay rights, and a penalty for opposing them.

The theme and conception of the party was based on the original Invasion of the Pines done by the Drag Queens of Cherry Grove established in 1976. A ferry was hired to take participants at midnight from the Pines to the Grove. The theme was white attire done in a regal manor including torchlight procession. The original brainchild of Mike Walzer, it was then willed into existence by Mark D’Allesio (Fairpac board member) and Candida Scott.

cherry inv 2

cherry inv 1                                             1988.

The decor was done by Candida Scott with assist from Matt Foreman. A run of free water Taxis all evening and silver whistles used to show ticket purchase were all part of the event. The use of The Ice Palace was donated in exchange for the bar receipts. DJ Warren Gluck worked most of these parties, playing five of them consecutively.

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cherry inv 6

 1991.DJs Warren Gluck & Michael Fierman.        





cherry inv 7


cherry inv 5

web1996 inv

web1991 Invasion of the Grove bweb1991 Invasion of Groveweb1991 Invasion of the Grove c

Upon arrival in 1996 invaders from the Pines were greeted by Bella, Empress Randee, and others.

web1996 Bella and empress Randee

web1996 ninth Inv of grove a

webEmpress Billie Ann and Lord John 1991webbella, johnny pool and Isaac Vaughan 1996d                               

             1996.Bella with Johny Pool.



It started in the Pines with a midnight ferry ride by the many dressed in the required white garb.
web1991 leaving the pinesweb1991 on the boat



After the official arrival then it’s onto the Ice Palace. Performers at these events included Donna DeLorean (Madonna’ s backup singer pictured below), Claudja Barry, and Sharon Redd.

cherry inv 4

webDonna Delorean madonna backup singer

FAIRPAC eventually became Empire Pride Agenda which is a New York’s statewide lesbian, gay, sexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights and advocacy group.

Inv of the Grove 1994 Marc Cicero1995 poster


2007. With DJ Susan Morabito.
webInvasion of the Grove back 90's                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A great event that needs to return…

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