The Pines Dog Show Est. 1965


The Pines Dog Show Est. 1965


                Pets have always been part of the Pines experience. Treated like family the dog show evolved out of that experience. Events that created community were commonplace during this time as most Pines residents knew each other. The show had a serious tone at first, and lightened up over the years.












At that time the Pines community had a large straight population with young families who took part in the festivities. Held in the harbor in front of what is now the Pavilion.


Throughout the 1960’s it happened seasonally.








It was a highly attended event. For some reason our research shows that it did not happen again until 1985 where it was moved to the Community House using many prominent members of the community as judges.







Seen here Brett Baccus (left) and Laura Eastman (below).






First Prize winner Pet Show at Fire Island Pines – Mechanical Pet Category – Kit & Joe Bailey Cole 1985 Polaroid


Again years pass. In 1991 it’s back with more community, and a lighter touch. A benefit for GLAD and PAWS Pines Animal Welfare Society. The dog show poster was designed by Jon McEwan with a pic of  Jim Brace by photographer David Morgan.



 Judges were Broadway and longtime Pines resident Jerry Herman, Robin Byrd, Julie Martin, Bob Kohler of PAWS, and poster model Jim Brace . Frank Corradino was the event MC.

PAWS member and longtime Pines resident Lee Frey was an active part of the event.



Categories ranged from most politically correct, bad dog, to look alike, and clone dog.




















Again years passed and in 2001 a Dog Walk/ Run/ Shlep event was created by Marco Martelli of MARCO Restaurant. People and their pets ran a race on the boardwalk and beach as a fundraiser for the harbor restoration by FIPPOA.  

Our dog population has grown over the years as many become family to our now gay population. We have tried to bring back this event with no luck yet. It is a very labor intensive event that would take much volunteer support. Lets do this!



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