Pines/ Cherry Grove People- Rose (Bob) Levine


Pines/Cherry Grove People- Rose (Bob) Levine




                Arriving in Cherry Grove in 1955 Bob Levine found home. A home for not only himself, but for Rose Levine the drag alter ego he created. Cherry Grove became his stage at the Arts Projects Community theater. Theater was the center of Cherry Grove as many Broadway luminaries found there way to the beachside community. As Cherry Grove grew so did the reputation of Rose Levine. She became a major player in many Grove productions both in the theater and other venues.


   In 1976 Rose and fellow grove drag queens became part of a historical event that is still celebrated today “The Invasion.” Held on July 4th this was a political statement that has turned into a festive holiday when Cherry Grove invaded the Pines. 


Rose still sings the national anthem at the Invasion.


 Throughout the 1980’s Rose bridged the gap between the Pines and the Grove by performing in both communities, and creating a relationship that allowed performers like Jack & Rita Litchtenstein in the Pines to act in Grove productions.


















Rose also lent her support in the fight against AIDS with benefits in the Pines and Grove.




The shows continued…






  Rose has always been part of the entertainment community. Seen here with Jazz singer Anita O’Day and Jerry Herman.





Rose still calls Cherry Grove home at Roseland his house on the bay with partner Michael.





Rose has been writing about the Grove for many years in various FI publications. This keeps him in the know.  His most recent show was this years “Take me back to Manhattan.”














Rose planted himself in a garden in the Grove where he continues to flower…


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