Pines blog- February 2018.

Pines blog- February 2018.

By MR.


February 10th, 2018                                                                                                                                                                   

Dear Diary:

Drove out from Hell’s Kitchen to meet the 11am ferry. I was early, so I decided to kill time in the new Brinkman’s hardware store in Sayville. I Watched it built for a year while driving through town. A must! Great apparel department :). This is a Pines home owner’s new local Home Depot.

It was a dreary, foggy day on the island. The ride over was uneventful and the bay was almost perfectly smooth. The island is busy with contractors and homeowners this time of year. I was part of a regular group of Pines people who arrive on the 11am and leave at the 2:45pm boat. A lot of us are here to work on various home renovation and repair projects in anticipation of another busy Fire Island summer season.

Got to my house, where I am working on a project to raise my deck and pool to move it out of the way of the new dune line that is to be built later this year. The government specifications for this construction are pretty rigorous. As a result, we had to build a well reinforced piling structure with X shaped cross beams for stability. There are so many visible X’s on foundation that I think people may call it the “X-House” as they pass it on the beach. I will have to wait until the beach is rebuild before I can finish the skirting.

I saw new friends Ted and Mark from the eastern octagon house on Shell. They are also working on their home and were on the same afternoon boat trip schedule as I was. I think that if you befriend the home owners of each of the three Pines octagons, a great power is unleashed. I am not sure what it is or how I would use it. Work continues on the move of the Katen home.

I bumped into some neighbors of mine who thought the county might run a new beach entrance on Sunburst. That is the site of 405 Ocean, which is slated to be demolished in April this year. I like to collect rumors like that.

As the clock got closer to the 2:45pm boat, it had started to rain. It was time to head home in the dreary cold weather with other stalwart Pines people. Every year is a repeating cycle in the Pines. I cannot wait for the next phase to unfold.












Progress on the Ferry Dock:


The reconstruction of the freight dock was delayed by the severe weather following Christmas. The contractor lost about 2 weeks. They were able to return the second week in January, accessing the Pines via the beach. When they got back, they had difficulty breaking through the ice in the harbor to begin work again. This was due to the ice which was over a foot thick. They used a 1-ton metal bucket, dropping it from a crane, to break through. However, the 1-ton bucket just bounced around on the ice. They did eventually break through and were able to resume work and have had a crew there continuously since. They are now looking at a mid-February date to finish. We are still awaiting a new design for the gas storage platform.

Photos by Bo Fridsberg:

It was supposed to be finished mid-February now because of the weather end of the month. It looks like most of it is done except for the actual walk outside the wagon rack.





The Katen homed moved back…


The process explained by Seashore Defense Fund president Russell Saray: 

Its complicated. 14 homes in the Pines were deemed highly impacted by the Army Corp. Two had to be moved and the others modify/reduce their decking, pools, etc. One agreed to be moved and the other returned their home to the National Seashore (405 Ocean Walk is being torn down) and were compensated. Others, instead of chopping off decks and pools – or reducing have opted to move on their own as is the case with the Katen’s house in this picture. Some oceanfront owners are incurring the cost entirely. It is not clear if there will be some compensation since they would have to modify their home in the first place. Others are still waiting for a contractor based on what has been agreed with the Corp. The new “clean/cleared” dune line should be ready by Memorial Day. Then the sand replenishment should come in the fall btw Ocean Beach and Davis Park. (We don’t know which community gets it first.) We should consider ourselves lucky in the Pines. 20 homes are being demolished in Davis Park and Ocean Beach and not being moved or rebuild.


          Don’t forget to pick up your Seashore Defense Fund bag for Pantry shopping this season. Suffolk County banned the use of plastic bags this year. 


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