The Parties of Fire Island 60’s & 70’s…


The Parties of Fire Island 60’s & 70’s…



Parties have always been a Fire Island trademark. Getting their start in Cherry Grove, theme parties were a weekly happening. There was something about the freedom of Fire Island that let everyone let their hair down. Creativity ran rampant. With a population of designers from all industries costumes and decor could range from simple to elaborate.





As many migrated to the Pines from Cherry Grove theme parties found their way there too.

1970 Miss America Party.



The Pink Party 1975 @ The Octagon house Sunburst and Ocean.






The Red Party @ Beach Hill by Gustavo Novoa 1976.







                                                                             Star Wars Party 1977.   











Photo’s by Meryl Meisler.




Just a Party 1978 @ Utopia.



Photographer Tom Bianchi:

Over the years the size and quality of the parties escalated until Charles de Rohan, a count (but for the French Revolution he reminded) threw the party coyly called, Just a Party. Charles owned the biggest property in the Pines and called his house Utopia. He built a dance floor over his pool, had several tons of lumber shipped over to reinforce the decks, provided three open bars, and instructed his security staff to keep out of the way unless they saw someone doing injectable drugs. Prudently, he floated an insurance policy on the Lloyds wire to cover the night. He also had a few thousand square yards of carpet delivered to the harbor, expecting to replace all the carpets ruined by ground in sand. He nailed cans of Crisco to the trees in his private “Meat Rack” for guests who might find love in the garden. Just a Party for sure. Charles welcomed the whole Pines- no list of names at the door.  All came and the party culminated with the dance floor collapsing in a frenzy of heated bodies feeling no pain. The party eclipsed all that came before…



Photo’s by Tom Bianchi.



The Heavenly Bodies Party 1979 @ the Sandpiper.


Marc Paul Simon’s Birthday Party @ Lincoln Centre 1979.


“Beach” 1979.


In the 80’s the Pines exploded with theme parties…






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