The Parties of the Pines 1980’s.


The Parties of the Pines 1980’s.

As the 1980’s era arrived the themed house party was in full force in the Pines where the access to creative was only a sequin away. The queen hostess of the 80’s party circuit was Gloria DeMann. We will be giving those parties there own individual posts.


The Mommie Dearest Party 1981.                                                 











The Mask party 1982.






The Pirate Party 1982.





The Esther Williams Party 1986.




















The Hat Party Est. 1985


















5th of July Party 1986.




High Heels Party 1986.








Gail and Alan Levine Silver Anniversary 1986.






The Invites…





















The Geisha Party 1988.



1987 Theme Party.





No one epitomizes the 80’s party scene as Louis Bengivenni and his housemates.  This post is dedicated to them, and all those who danced the dance….







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