The Octagon House Est. 1966.

The Octagon House Est. 1966.

351 Sunburst Walk.

  Architect Earl Combs chose the octagon shape for his own home in the Pines because its geometric shape appealed to him esthetically. There were practical advantages such as the form is well braced against strong winds; being close to a circle. It provides a great deal of living space ( eight rooms and two baths.) On a high sloping plot 70′ x 100′. The cost at the time to build the house only was $30,00 including a lot of built in furniture. The contour while unusual  is a classic symmetric form that creates a feeling of elegance while natural woods inside lend a feeling of rusticity. With 36 windows on different sides, but no expanses of glass you get small glimpses rather than large views. Which is exactly the feeling he wanted.

The best views lie up above on the square rooftop deck. One thing Combs knew he wanted from the start was a two story living room with a feeling of spaciousness he did not have in his New York city home.

1970. Playboy magazine visits Earl Combs in the Pines.








Combs regretfully left out a fireplace as the structure of the building would leave the flue exposed.  Originally nicknamed the Globe Theater it is now known as the Octagon house.

In 1975 the Pink Party was held here:

1977. The Star Wars party held here: 

Indoor photo’s courtesy of Bob Howard Real Estate.

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