The Mustard House.

The Mustard House.

413 Ocean Walk.

Architect- Gary Stluka.



Sitting next to the stairway at Ozone & Ocean Walk is what was called the “Mustard House”. You wouldn’t know it now as it’s exterior has been now clad in wood. It also had the nickname of the “Cape Cod”, and “Pizza Hut.”


The homes history is once owned by Gary Herman it was the setting for two of the last GMHC Morning Parties at a private home before it moved onto the beach.

















A dance floor was constructed over the pool. Disco Singer Bonnie Pointer was the entertainment.  Unfortunately at the 1990 party rain interrupted the party. Owner John Whyte graciously opened the Pavilion where the party continued.


Realtor Bob Howard:  “I was hosting Bonnie Pointer, who was the headliner. As her performance time grew near we headed East toward 413 Ocean Walk. In addition to the surprise summer squall that drenched our entourage, a sudden surge of wet bodies came toward us amid cries of “The deck collapsed!!” “Its over!” “OMG!!” Not to be deterred by cracking deck timbers and foundation posts we decamped to the Pavilion (1.0) where Bonnie performed for an enthusiastic audience of soaking wet queens.”




Today it remains unassuming. No more a mustard house , yet a house full of history… 



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