DJ Max Rodriguez

max Rodriguez

After visiting New York City for a few years I made a permanent move to the big apple in April of 1986. I had heard of Fire Island and the gay mecca that it was, and shortly thereafter decided to see what it was all about. Needless to say, upon arriving into the Pines harbor on the Sayville ferry for the first time, it was instant love! Hot men, beautiful unspoiled beaches, and music! I was caught in the spell that is Fire Island. No cars, just boardwalks, beaches, and boys. WOW. And you could be yourself without judgment from those that did not understand us (and it was the early years of the AIDS epidemic, so judgment was everywhere). I spent an amazing weekend in the Pines, and also visited the other gay mecca, Cherry Grove. Both were different in their own ways, but both were special for me and for the community as a whole.

Shortly thereafter, as my dj career grew in the city, my friend Paul Lekakis (Boom Boom Boom Let’s Go Back To My Room) introduced me to Jason McCarthy, manager of the ledgendary “Saint” in the east village. A couple more years went by, and Jason and I were on Fire Island and he introduced me to John Whyte. John hired me reluctantly at first (I had a latin last name and the concern was the predominately white boys of fire island of the time would not support anything but a caucasian named DJ).


But I did get the break I needed out there, and my popularity from the manhattan clubs “The Men’s Room/ The Building”/ Private Eyes” helped to convince him to take a chance on me on the Isle of Fire. So there my work history with fire island began.. maxtoo

max now

DJ Max Rodriquez & me

Today Max travels all over , and keeps a home base in NYC.