Paul McGregor at Tea Dance
Mr. McGregor

A restless man, Mr. McGregor tired of hair and in the late 1970’s he converted his St. Marks Place shop (at one point, he had 10 shops around the country) into the world’s smallest roller-skating disco. That went fine for two years until a teen-ager broke his arm when he tried vaulting over some friends stretched out on the floor. His mother sued Mr. McGregor for $1 million. He had no insurance, but managed to settle for $12,000.

Next, he turned the place into a bar called McGregor’s Garage, but there was too much fighting, so he converted it into Boybar, a gay bar now open only on Thursdays. Gay men, he said, are less quarrelsome than heterosexual men. Of course there was the time that one customer bit another’s ear. Meanwhile, Mr. McGregor has taken up wood sculpture. He is also working on some walking sticks, and has trained people in Indonesia to carve them. He thinks walking sticks are going to become very big. He made a lot of money but gave a lot away, including a 40-foot sailboat. Paul has a rich history with our Island sharing many stories of celebrities, and other Pines notables. His love for the Pines, and the Tea Dance comes through….

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