The Mr. Fire Island Contest 1970’s.

The Mr. Fire Island

Body Beautiful Contest 1970’s.

1970 Mr Fire Island Contest

On July 19, 1970 rather than the annual Miss Fire Island contest a Mr. Fire Island Body Beautiful contest was held. Sponsored by QQ magazine and Bud Parker (American director of the International Federation of Bodybuilders.) Over 900 people attended with 27 contestants showing their stuff. The contestants ranged from famous musclemen to drag queens mixed in for comedic effect.

QQ Magazine (Queen’s Quarterly) was an important pioneering magazine published in Manhattan in the 60s and 70s. QQ’s art director was the artist, A. Jay, (Al Shapiro), who drew one of the first continuing gay comic strips, “Harry Chess” which debuted in QQ . “Harry Chess” continued serialized in Drummer for years.

Among the judges were: Lou Thomas representing Colt Studios, physique photographer George Hester, leather craftsman Marquis de Suede, and QQ publisher George Desantis.





Color Photo’s courtesy of Vintage Cherry Grove.

Manager Michael Fesco was on hand to make sure all were enjoying the show. QQ magazine covered the event in their fall 1970 issue below.

The contest ran consecutively until it’s last show in 1973. Among the guest posers was a young Lou Ferrigno who would go onto an acting career as TV’s The Hulk.

More photo’s by John Kell.




Teri Warren.







In 1990 it was revived with drag performer Electra as the hostess, but did not go any further.



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