The book, the talk, and the event!

“Beach” Fire Island’s 1st beach party- the party that started it all. The book!

In 1979 the Pines community came together to raise funds for a new fire truck. The event was called “Beach.” It was a party that was a first of it’s kind, and changed the Pines forever.

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary with an event this year was essential to our mission. Creating a book with it’s history is a legacy to leave for those to come…

The book is available in the Pines at our Pop-Up store and the General Store for $40.00 and now on Amazon. order here:

First a private brunch for France…

Then singer Neil Sedaka joined us.

The book signing begins…

Thank you Gino Chiapparelli & Richard Pittelli for your beautiful home.

The Board Walk Talk…

With Scott Bromley, France Joli, Ron Martin, and Walter Boss. Moderated by FIPHPS President Bobby Bonanno. Photo’s by Koitz and video by Tommy Mazza.

Souvenirs Beach 40 Edition with France Joli and DJ Robbie Leslie.


Pines Party Journal.