Marilyn Monroe- Celebrity history

Celebrity history-

 Marilyn Monroe.

                                                                  Photo by Andre S. Rutgersen.





                          1957. Actress Marilyn Monroe arrives by seaplane for lunch on her way to  Amagansett. She meets up with locals and impresses them with her warmth and friendliness. Monroe_beach_bathing suit_photo from Mary Ruffle tumblr








Marilyn and friends.

marilyn monroe on Fire Island

Prior to her visit to the Pines she spends time in Ocean Beach with mentor Lee Strasberg.     



Marilyn spent most of the summer of 1955 on Fire Island with Lee Strasberg and his family. She shared a room with the teenage Susie Strasberg, she swam in the Atlantic, she shucked clams and grilled hot dogs, she spent rainy afternoons sketching on the porch, she spent evenings drinking champagne from teacups and reading tarot cards with Paula.

Elizabeth Windor. “Marilyn in Manhattan. Her year of joy.” 2017.


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