Kentucky Derby Party Est. 1986

Kentucky Derby Party Est. 1986

The Kentucky Derby is not only an annual event in Kentucky. It is also one in the Pines.  

alan mazur kentucky derby party

In 1986 Pines resident Allan Masur created the Kentucky Derby party at his home. It grew from a seed to a full on “Start of the season” party. The party began when Alan Mazur met Jimmy Stewart who moved to New York from Kentucky with his good friend Shea Metcalf. They hosted the party with a true Kentucky flair, serving only bourbon mint juleps and ham sandwiches, which Susan Weinblatt graciously served. As guests would enter their party, most were dressed in Kentucky regalia with big hats and fascinators, the walk was lined with Cherry Blossoms and you felt like you were entering Your Old Kentucky Home. Everyone took home an authentic commemorative derby glass. The party became a major event in The Pines until Alan died, and then the house was sold. 

Alan Mazur 1997 Kentucky Derby party

Allan was named a “Kentucky Colonel” by then Kentucky Governor Martha Layne Collins for his efforts in promoting the Commonwealth and the Derby.

Allan Mazur

After his passing the party searched for a home finally finding one at Sip n Twirl in 2006. Presented by the Pines Chamber of Commerce today the party continues there, and is truly the opening party of the season.


Kentucky DERBY party 2011 estb. 1986 webBartender manager Mario Priola in his Kentucky Derby best.web

kentucky derby and PCSwebIn 2012 it was temporarily housed at Whyte Hall Community center due to the fire that destroyed Sip n Twirl.

2012 at Whyte Hall due to fire.

Sip n Twirl owner PJ McAteer announces hat contest.

PJ McAteer announcing the winners .


kentucky derby 2015




webkentucky derby 2014IMG_3612web

And so the tradition that Pines resident Allan Masur began continues…


Kentucky Derby Party 2016kentucky derby party 15 too



1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize for hats…




















Allan Mazur.

Allan Masur 1996web


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