Jay Hyde Crawford home. The house that Bonwit Teller built…

1969.  Jay Hyde Crawford home 266 Bay Walk.                                                                                                                             Architect Horace Gifford.




Jay Hyde Crawford was a fashion Illustrator most famous for his design for department store Bonwit Teller. A simple bouquet of violets created in 25 minutes according to him. In 1986 Bonwit Teller held a party for him to celebrate the enduring image.


















He also founded Quadrille a fabric and wallpaper design company with partner Anthony Tortora. Coming out to the Pines since the 1960’s, like many he fell in love with the island. After staying nearby he saw a double lot on the bay and decided to buy and build a home. Noted architect and unknown at the time Horace Gifford was a friend. Together they set out to build his dream home. They had a good working relationship as Horace would come up with the ideas and Jay would draw them out. They were amazed at how in sync they were. 

Horace Gifford 1968 He would fly out from the city by seaplane on Friday to check on the progress, and leave on Monday back. 




It was built very fast.    The space was informed by the view of the Great South Bay so glass was the common denominator. Even using it under counter tops to create a floating effect. The use of skylights even in closets letting light into all areas. Changing ordinary shapes of square into circular were just many of the unique features to the home.

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All of the north and south walls would be glass and all of the perpendicular, east/west walls would be made of wood. At the time it was the fashion to have your kitchen in your living room much like today, Jay insisted on a separate kitchen and a separate dining room.

In 2011 Jay Hyde Crawford married his longtime partner Charles Andrews at the home.



John Hyde Crawford Jr., often called Jay, was born on Oct. 16, 1930. He passed on May 20, 2013.

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