The Island Scene magazine. Est . 2004-2005.

The Island Scene magazine. Est . 2004-2005.




Before the advent of the internet and social media the only way to get F.I. news was through newspaper and magazines.  Island Scene was one such magazine. It was billed as a seasonal bi-weekly entertainment guide providing comprehensive coverage of events and activities taking place in Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove.










Published by longtime Pines resident Jon Gilbert it gave you not only everything you needed to know about where to go, but local gossip and stories on events and local residents.












From Art, to the history of events like Dancing on the Bay, and the Invasion it was here where you learned about it all…



For whatever reason it ran only two seasons, but still captures more of our history…


We are missing some issues. Please contact us at fipineshps@gmail if you have any or want to add information.

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