The Island Club Est.1992-2005.

The Island Club Est.1992-2005.


 A meeting with Pines icon Doris Taussig turned a page in club history in the Pines. It began with just that. Doris Taussig was a longtime Pines resident pioneer and realtor who in 1982 with partners created the club “Crews Quarters.” It soon took on the persona of the friendliest club in the Pines. With it’s pool table and local clientele it was just that. 



 Mark Huckleberry was a successful officer at a railroad company. Partnered at the time with a penthouse apartment in New York. He somehow developed an interest in Fire Island. He found his way to the Monster at first bartending, then eventually becoming business manager when the current one left. It was here he would meet his future in many ways. First love with Steven Oliveri. Steven was rising as a prominent DJ in Cherry Grove. First at the Ice Palace then at the Monster. That relationship would take them on a walk to the Pines on a September day upon hearing that Doris Taussig was selling her “Crews Quarters” club that would change everything. 



 They would make a deal then and there to purchase the club. Mark with partner Tony Corrente had a vision for what would become “The Island Club.”


Work began in earnest in the winter of 1991 with both Steven and Mark doing much of the work themselves. Mark would design the club on graph paper, with Steven doing much of the low voltage electrical work. The two adjacent spaces were to be included.The club needed more headroom to give it a bigger feel. Builder Bill Katen was brought in to bump up the roof with a header beam. This would give the club a unique feel and look. The idea was to create a bar ( where most money is made) with a dance floor.  




Thought and planning went into the new club. Paying homage to what came before with Crews Quarters a pool table was part of the plan, but also the introduction of floral arrangements and the Piano bar was also.






     Out of the flower arrangements (large) which Mark insisted on came the idea of a flower shop next door as why not make an income on all that was being ordered and more. 



The piano bar and familiar face made the club an instant hit with the community. The Bistro was added making it the complete package.




Of course it was all about the music and Steven delivered.


It became the place to go…


Mark and partners would continue to innovate with parties… 








The Invasion tradition of going up to the Crews Quarters was passed onto the Island Club.







A 1999 reno just added to the mix…












The nickname of Sip n Twirl began in the late 90’s. It would come to pass as the era of the Island Club came to a close… 

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