The Pyramid house 1960.

The Pyramid House 1960 443 Sail Walk 1960. There is a magical house at the eastern end section of the Pines called the Pyramid house as that is its shape.
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Celebrity history- Joan McCracken 1917-1961 Over the years many people have called Fire Island their home. Among the most intriguing was a woman who rose to fame as ” The girl
1962 Talisman

Talisman 1960-65

Talisman 1960-1965. East of the Pines was a community called “Talisman”. Talisman was considered the most chic and exclusive of the F.I. resorts. It was a private club with accommodation’s
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The Kodak house 1965.

The Kodak House 1965                   Horace Gifford Architect 482 Tarpon Walk.   Created  by architect Horace Gifford for Robert Evans and Dr.
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Botel History Est. 1960.

          Former Ziegfeld girl Peggy Fears was urged  by the Home Guardian Company of NY to  build fast in order to lure potential buyers to  
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Sayville Ferry History

 Every summer for more than 100 years, the Stein family has been taking beachgoers across the Great South Bay to the oceanfront communities of Fire Island. Sayville Ferry has always been a family
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