The GMHC Morning Party 1990-1994


The GMHC Morning Party 1990-1998




After the 1989 weather issue and the collapse of the covered pool dance floor, and the tremendous growth of the party it was decided that this was the last house party…










  GMHC’S Randy Wojack knew what needed to be done. Move the Morning Party to the beach. Randy and Herb Juli approached FIPPOA. After long negotiations the party blossomed into a beach party reminicent of the 1979 party called ‘Beach.”  It would take place on the beach between Beach Hill and Coastguard walks.



     DJ Michael Jorba again took the DJ duties as the party blew up on the beach.










  The entrance was at Beach Hill walk.



                                                                                                 Original founder Nikkki Fried with housemates (right).

 Pines resident  and cable TV personality Robin Byrd films.










                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Artist Ferron Bell at the party.



Disco Artist Gloria Gaynor arrives and performs. 










  In the end the best thing in life are friends…




Experience the party…
















DJ Michael Jorba continues the tradition.




























Artist John Laub captures the history…





















 DJ Michael Jorba. 



                                                                                                                                                     DJ Morabito with the Hat sisters.



                          DJ’s Mark-Tarbox-Michael-Fierman-Fernando-Mola-Davis-Lawrence-Needham-and-Warren Gluck.


Artist John Laub painting in process.





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