Future Pines 2013…


In planning the new Pavilion plans were being made for the entire 
The Pavilion was designed by HWKN architects. The plans called for a futuristic modern feeling, so Charles Renfro at
Diller Scofidio + Renfro designed the rest of the properties.
 Not exactly a beach esthetic, nor any nod to what had come before. 
Recently released by Guy Smith with permission from HWKN here are his words on the proposed rebuild:

“When Andrew Kirtzman, Blesso and Weissman planned the renewal of the downtown after Pavilion 2.0 burned down, I worked with Matthias Hollwich and HWKN (as I did on Pavilion) to help strategize the next move.  The Botel was in serious disrepair and the Blue Whale was due to get rebuilt as well.  Those things didn’t happen, but I have been given clearance from HWKN to share with you what has been, up to now, a very confidential proposal to renew almost the entire commercial center of Fire Island Pines.  
These are all rough ideas kicked around by some really brilliant people who are also Pines residents and regulars, but mostly Charles Renfro and Matthias Hollwich.  It gives you insight to their design and creation process, and how much they care about the Pines and what it could be.”

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Are you ready to check into Future Pines?

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