Fashions of the Pines 1960’s.

 Fashion of the Pines

                                           1960’swebFASHION SHOW AT THE SANDPIPER AD 1962



Fashion has always been a part of Pines history. Noted designers like Halston, Angelo Donghia, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis and more have either visited  or made a home here. The beach is the inspiration for much creativity. The 60’s brought a new culture not only to the world, but the Pines as well. Beginning as a predominantly straight community more and more gay men from the world of art, design, and fashion were finding their way to this haven for creativity. Beginning with Showgirl Peggy Fears and continuing with model John Whyte their was an influx of many from the arts. It was inevitable that it would find it’s way into community events beginning with the Fashion show.1965 model
1965.  From the Sandpiper to the Yacht Club and back the  community Fashion show  would travel until it  found it’s home at the  Botel pool.
The Three B'S 1965



1965 fashion show
webliza and peter allen in pines Aug 1965 @ fashion show


1965. Singer/actress Liza Minnelli and Peter Allen at the Fashion Show where she purchased a silver mini dress and danced at the Yacht Club.
    Well known Designers as well as many of the local retail stores in the Pines were involved      in the shows.webHANLANSthree b's ad 1965




Large Liquor companies also joined in to make their mark in the community.
 1966 Liquor store owner Richard Hyman
webmilshire mod 1966 Liquor store owner Richard Hyman


 It was a Mod,  Mod world, and  the Pines was  going along  for  the ride.
The Fashion show was becoming a yearly community event, and in the press.


webFASHION SHOW AT blue whale august 28 1965


wewbcappy Hanalan 1966bob bent of the three b's
1966.Local residents and store owners like Cappy  Hanlan from Hanlans, and Bob Bent from the Three B’s participated in the shows.
fashion show hanlans 1966




webfashion whats happening in the shops 1965
With it’s clientele and proximity to NYC the Pines was beginning to be the place where trends would begin. The swinging 60’s had arrived in the Pines at
The Royal Box” on Driftwood Walk..sixties
royal box show 1966


 The word was out, and it was all about Fashion in the Pines!
webRoyal Box Fashion Show 1966
webHanlans show 1966 reprint

webfashon july 23 1966



        1969.webparade of fashion july 5, 1969

fashion show june 28 1969

fashion show july 6, 1969




As the years progressed the fashion show like the  Pines community itself they got more sophisticated with more prominent designers of the time  contributing their goods.










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