Drag Repair Est. 1996


Drag Repair Est. 1996






DRAG REPAIR. Established in 1996 by Michael Melts, Scott Macdonald, Gina Garan and John Prignao in the home called “Tara” (located in Cherry Grove) where the original invaders started. These four friends came up with the idea of “Drag Repair” for an addition to the Invasion of the Pines.  What started as a character idea to get on board the “Invasion” boat, instantly turned into an extremely necessary part of the 4th of July Invasion tradition.



The Drag Repair Boys and Girls became a very expected and helpful addition to every July 4th tradition at the Invasion.  We assist our fellow LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters when help is needed with their drag.  We keep them looking as lavish and beautiful as they can be before and/or during their journey over to invade the Pines.  We are equipped with hard hats, work boots and tool belts full (but not limited) of make up, glues, pins, nails, eyelashes, hair spray and duck tape to name a few.  The Queens now look for and almost expect the many services the Drag Repair provides to help and freshen up the ladies for their arrival into the Pines.







Throughout the 23 years that Drag Repair has been involved with the Invasion we have had over 80 team members volunteering their time to assist our Queens.  While the founders of Drag Repair are retired now, they are still involved remotely.  Since 2012 Drag Repair has been under the direction of Dennis Noboa as the head Foreman.  Our long time motto is still as important today as it was in 1996

“We are here to help”




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