DJ Warren Gluck

DJ Warren Gluck




The year was 1973. As a newly “out” 18 year old, I decided to go to my first Gay Dance Club, near my home on Long Island. It was Jaimie’s in Syosset, which was barely bigger than someone’s basement. Next to the bar was a dance floor that was about 10 foot square (!). I had NEVER heard a DJ before- the music was utterly fantastic- unlike anything I had ever heard in my short life. The DJ’s name was Roy Thode. RoyThodeDJRoy was completely responsible for me becoming a DJ! We became friends, and I learned so much from him about the art of playing and mixing records. I would make sure that I went to hear him wherever he was playing- Long Island, New York, and Fire Island, learning so much each time. His music influenced me more than any other DJ.
Roy became a big supporter of my career, and even got me my first night at Studio 54 and Ice Palace 57!
Roy’s passing was a tragedy for all of us. There was no one like him- he knew how to read a room and take the crowd on the most amazing journey!


DJ Warren Gluck: For over 34 years Warren Gluck has been delighting dance floors with a varied and diverse DJing style that has earned him a devoted international fan base and universal respect from his DJing peers. Starting out in 1975 on Long Island, Warren was soon playing at all the gay dance clubs in the metropolitan NYC area. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Gluck’s growing popularity led to prestigious residencies at legendary New York nightclubs such as The Monster ( NY AND FI) and The Saint.


By the time the circuit scene started to really grow and flourish in the late 1980s, he helped develop the circuit’s musical definition, DJing at many of the big events around the country. DJ Warren Gluck’s musical style is usually characterized as being upbeat and festive, with an accent on big vocals. However, he also has the ability to play a dark, mysterious program when the party’s theme calls for it. He likes to take the crowd on a wonderful journey through the evening, encompassing many different musical styles; however morning music is his personal favorite.



Warren has always been a mainstay on Fire Island. In the 1990’s he was DJ for the annual Invasion of the Grove by the Pines at the Ice Palace.

1991 Pines Invades Grove WEB

In 1999 he was opening DJ for the Pines ’99 Party, the first nighttime beach party on Fire Island in 20 years. pines 99 journalweb

DJ Warren Gluck has played almost every major party in the U.S. from coast to coast, including the GMHC Morning Party on here in the Pines, The Pines Party, The Saint-at-Large White and Black Parties in NYC, Hotlanta, Fireball in Chicago, The White Party and The Winter Party in Miami, Gay Days in Orlando, The San Diego Zoo Party, Gay Pride celebrations in NYC, San Francisco, Boston and Phoenix, Palm Springs White Party, Mardi Gras and Southern Decadence in New Orleans, and The Red Party in Columbus Ohio.


2009 Pines Party at Whyte Hall





In June 2005, he headlined New York’s 8,000-person Gay Pride Pier Dance for an unprecedented 6th time to rave reviews. In addition to big event parties, he maintained his Monster residency for over 25 years, and over the years made numerous appearances at the Ice Palace, Pavilion, and the Blue Whale , and the Paramount in Provincetown. He has played for four of our “Souvenirs” events on Fire Island and NYC. 


warren now

Dj Warren Gluck

In 2016 he joined us once again in NYC with Occupy the Disco at their PARADISCO event.



















And then at our Fire Island Souvenirs event and Boardwalk Talk in 2017 with DJ Robbie Leslie.
















Warren Gluck


His talent both in the booth and out, and caring nature will never be forgotten in Fire Island history…



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