DJ Warren Gluck Tribute 2020.

DJ Warren Gluck Tribute 2020.

1954-2020.       September 19,2020


On a sunny beautiful September day in the Pines the family and Fire Island family of DJ Warren Gluck gathered to remember him and his life.

Organized by Thom & Prescott Ford : For those wishing to join in the spreading of Warren’s ashes, we’ll be gathering at noon at Cloud 8 – 550 Beachcomber (outside and possibly out front along FIB to ensure social distancing). We will walk up along the beach to town – in an appropriate social distancing fashion, passing by the Pavillon and the Blue Whale to then arrive at the pool at 1:00. Lunch served at 2:00 with tributes and songs until 4:00.
Due to social distancing requirements, we must wear masks to our respective tables and stay seated except to use the bathroom. Servers will provide drinks on a cash basis. We may not go from table to table so we will encourage all tables to join in the zoom event – there are those only able to join virtually.


Then onto the beach…




Friend Barbara Good:


As we walked along the beach, spreading the ashes and sending out our love to Warren, Prescott Ford offered some beautiful passages and poems to mark the occasion. I was also invited to say a blessing during that part of our day’s journey. For those who were not able to be there in person, here it is:

We’re gathered here today to celebrate the life of our dear brother, Warren Gluck, who left this plane of existence far sooner than any of us would have wanted, but how lucky are the souls on the other side of the veil to be in his company for a time?
We seal this circle in Love and Light. It is a protected space for each of us to reflect on how we were connected with Warren, and through him, with each other. We let him go from this phase of life, knowing that even though he’s no longer here, he’s never really gone, and we find our way forward in our acceptance and in the healing of our broken hearts. Our friend would not want us to mourn…. no, he would want us to revel in the memories of dance floors and rollercoasters, Reiki circles, and staying awake till the sun came up, and sometimes even until it set again, on those very special, celebratory weekends.
We cry because we’ll miss that smile of yours, Warren, but we’ll smile when we remember how it lit up the room, and I know that we’ll all carry that smile with us in our hearts, once our tears have dried.
His Soul, or Body of Light is eternal, and is now on its journey across the other side of life, even as the remains of his physical body are joined now with the Earth and Sea, in this place that he loved so dearly.










On to the harbor Pavilion…



Then to a social distanced luncheon at the pool with hosts Prescott & Thom Ford and Frankie Marquez. The afternoon included musical tributes and flag dancing and Warren’s sister Elizabeth Gluck Tonelli and family. Arrived to final destination, where the celebration of Warren’s life concluded joyfully with music, tears and much laughter. Love was in the air!



A fitting tribute to a DJ icon who played an important role in the soundtrack to history.


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